A few weeks back we’d introduced a new format in the evolution of our JBoss Users and Developers Conference event series; in addition to the standard multitrack, lecture-based arrangement, we will be augmenting with smaller, focused sessions.  In this fashion we’ll be able to cover a singular project or related set of technologies in-depth and […]

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States, a holiday in celebration of both a man and the movement he continues to represent. Racial equality is a subset of tolerance, which today may be more aptly translated to the struggle for sexual freedom or the undercurrent of unspoken racial, religious, and gender […]

Happy New Year, folks.  We’re pleased to bring you some updates from Team DevNation. There’s a tight schedule leading up to the show, so we’ve decided to switch over to a rolling admission for speaker selection; we’ll start announcing some accepted sessions from the call for papers in mid-January, and continue to fill the agenda through mid-February. […]

Over the past several years, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of peddling my projects at conferences the world over.  Honestly, I’ve always had a healthy portion of cognitive dissonance concerning my role as a podium junkie; while even the best tech in the world is useless if no one knows about it, clamoring to an audience […]

Followers of my work over the past several years may notice that in addition to the software my teams have built, we’ve dedicated concerted effort to maintain the following thematic elements throughout our dev cycles: Heavy focus on end user requirements API Design as a first-class priority Testing: immediately, and often Open dialogue, debate, and […]

Well folks, after plenty of API refinements and battle-testing within our own projects at the JBoss Community, we’re proud to offer ShrinkWrap Resolver at a locked 2.0.0 release.  I’m posting the full user guide here, but the TL;DR of it is this: it’s an API for you to pull down Maven artifacts (and optionally their […]

Parents aren’t supposed to play favorites with their children, but there’s always that one kid you’re just really proud of, right?  Admit it. In my case at JavaOne 2012, it’s my last session with Aslak: “Continuous Enterprise Development: Case Studies in Java EE Integration Testing”.  We hit the stage at the Parc55 again in Cyril Magnin […]